Fear & Loathing in Lower California

The Final Countdown…..
February 25, 2009, 4:09 am
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Hola Amigos~
We are now in the final stages of preparation for our 2009 Baja Adventure. It is 50 hours and counting till lift off and the excitement is rising.

By this stage all work should be done on your mighty steads and they should be ready to ride!

Bags should be packed and any last minute items should be purchased.

Also don’t forget your lube-

So fellow travelers get ready to set forth on the best Baja trip ever! ( well except for 06,07 & 08)


February 23, 2009, 3:05 am
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We saw Kalle today and he asked if there is anything special he should bring to Baja. I told him to bring tubes and any odd tools that  his bike might require (remember I am bringing a tool set). A few other essential items you should bring are: extra bike key, rain gear and Mexican insurance. I don’t  plan on stopping at the boarder to change money but we usually hit an ATM in Ensenda to get pesos. US dollars work every where and are accepted on the toll road that we will be taking to Ensenada. We will be stopping once we cross the boarder  to get tourist visas and meet up with Casey and Brian.Tourist Visa’s cost about $20 so make sure to have cash on you. There is also a small bank next to the tourist office but we aren’t sure if they exchange money or not.

On Thursday night before we leave I would like to get every ones emergency contact info as well as your health insurance provider, allergies, medications and any conditions that an EMT/doctor might need to know about.

Below  is my checklist of things I am bringing. This may help you to remember anything you might need.
NOTE- Items that are in red are communal and you don’t need to bring your own as they will be shared.
solar showers
therma rests
sleeping bags
candy bra
water jug
gas cans
cooking supplies
power bars
boat outboard life jackets
swim trunks
ear plugs
wet wipes
beer cooler
jack stands
chain lube
trash bags
stickers (to hand out to kids)
paper towels
bird book
confetti guns
camera & charger
a good book
first aid kit
sun screen
bug spray
sun hat
If you can think of anything I forgot please speak up. A whats mine is yours. if you forget something just ask.

Baja Hotbox Feb. 2009
February 22, 2009, 1:32 am
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February/March Chubasco for Vagabundos Del Mar.


Round Conditions-

1)HWY 1 N construction in Guerrero Negro.

2)L.A. Bay Road excellent!!

3)San Felipe-Puertecitous road paved.

Peso- 13.8 to the dollar

Fuel-87 Octane $2.26/gallon

93 Octane $2.87/gallon

Diesel    $2.07/gallon

** 2 new gas stations at Bay of LA.



Mike’s Sky Ranch -Update
February 15, 2009, 2:17 am
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After hearing from the OMC that Mike’s Sky Ranch charges $100/per person per nite we decdied to do some investigating.
Brian Holm offered to call and find out more details… So here is what we have-
$60 per person per nite which includes dinner and breakfast.
The plan is to stay there the night of  2/28 moving on to San Felipe the next day. This changes our plans a bit but doesn’t effect the overal schedule. We will still be heading to Baja San Luis Gonzaga after that.
$60 per night sounds pretty fair as it includes breakfast and dinner.
If any of you have any issues with staying at Mike’s you can talk to Chuck.

Choosing a hair style for Baja!
January 26, 2009, 1:15 am
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It’s now about the time that the hair style decision needs to be made…Will 2009 be the year of yet another brightly colored mohawk or is it time for something a bit different. Below are some styles from previous years –

img_1098 2006

img_1105Fun times at Pemex


Styling in San Ignaciao

The Pride Hawk is always a winner!

For 2009 we are going for something totally different..below are some teasers


Another  thing you will want to start thinking about is wardrobe. It’s important to be stylish yet comfortable in Baja.img_19692


Baja Hotbox
January 14, 2009, 2:43 am
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This is from the latest newsletter from Vagabundos –
Travel Don’t drive at night. Don’t camp alone.
1) Hwy 1 N construction in Guerro Negro. Downtown Cabo San Lucas torn up.
2)L.A. Bay road excellent .
3) San Felipe-Puertecitos road paved.
4) Speed-reducer strips before topes,sharp curves and steep downgrades.
Peso 13.8 to the dollar
Fuel Magna Sin (87 octane) 7.5 pesos/liter, $2.26/gal;Premium (93 octane).,0.5 pesos/liter, $2.87; diesel 6.9 pesos/litre, $2.07. Within 12 miles of boarder prices approach those in the U.S. At Catavina Magna Sin and LA Bay Junction Magna Sin and diesel from barrels-5gal minimum. 2 new gas stations at L.A Bay.

updated schedule as of 1/11/09
January 11, 2009, 6:17 pm
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thurs feb 26: attend sfmc meeting with trucks fully loaded. hit the road about 10:00 pm for orange county. it takes about 7 hours to get there. we will have breakfast somewhere on the road so we don’t wake up tegan’s family at 0500.

fri feb 27: spend the day napping and repacking the truck. i think there are a few trails in modjeska canyon where we will be staying. when we were there over christmass we saw a group of quads going down the street. we will try and talk tegans uncle into having one of his famous tri-tip bbq’s.

sat feb 28: up early. 0800 underway from modjeska canyon. we have 100 miles to cover to the border. 1000 cross boarder and get tourist visas. 1200 fish tacos in ensenada. 1600 pull into mike’s sky rancho. this is one of the few days that we need to stay on schedule so as to not be driving at night.

sun mar 01: dert bykin. spending a second night here an mike’s

mon mar 02: depart mike’s for bahia san luis gonzaga. we will stop in san felipe for any provisions we may need.

tues mar 03: depart gonzaga, stop off at coco’s corner. coco lost his other leg and may not be there. spend the night at bahia de los angeles.

wed mar 04: depart l.a. bay for san ignacio. we spend two nights here so we can go whale watching.

thurs mar 05: whale watching

fri mar 06: depart san ignacio for playa de naranjos (10 miles south of mulegee). we can stop in santa rosalia if you want to see the eifell church.

sat mar 7 to mar 12: dolphin chasing, dert bikin, beer drinking, sunset watchin.

fri 13 mar: depart early. long day on the road to mama’s in el rosario.

sat 14 mar: orange co

sun 15 mar: san francisco ca

Requirements for entering the yew ess of fukin AAAAA 01/10/09
January 10, 2009, 5:44 pm
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it looks like we can still enter the US with a driver’s license and just get a warning. pasports or birth certificates will be required this june.



Mike’s Sky Rancho 1/8/09
January 10, 2009, 5:18 pm
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i asked mark j to call mike’s to try and get a reservation for mike’s. he called today and was successful. we now have reservations for 11 on the nights of feb 28 and mar 1. be sure to thank mark when you see him next.
i think there will be more people than this but tegan and i may camp in our truck tent if its not too cold and there’s not room for everyone.
if anyone has recently looked at the schedule i put out a while ago you will notice that this moves the trip up a day. this will allow another day on the beach or some other adventure we had not planned before. i will try to put out another schedule this weekend.
if the idea of driving all night on Thursday is not appealing, you can drive down Friday day. but the traffic through l.a. on a friday night is a unique experience. the carpool lanes seem to end at the most inappropriate locations causing bottle necks for tens of miles.
its almost scary how well this trip is coming together (knock on wood).

I-5 Convoy 01/06/09
January 10, 2009, 5:16 pm
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i have been thinking about moving bikes and people to so-cal and this is the best plan i have come up with. i should be able to borrow a joe hauler bringing my f250’s capacity to 4 bikes without pulling a trailer.

chuck’s truck:
people; chuck, tegan, and rosa
bikes; james’, chuck’s, tegan’s, ryan’s

clay’s truck:
people; clay, mark, ryan
bikes; clay’s, mark’s

kalle’s truck:
people; kalle, james
bikes; kalle’s, frank’s

frank’s isuzu:
people; frank, cathy
bike; cathy’s

i hope i haven’t left anyone out. i know there are a few people on the fence.
brian and casey are going down in casey’s truck.
we have more room for people, and if more people are planning to show we will look into lining up a trailer.
waddaya think?

Below is a pic from last year of the convoy heading to the border. Hopefully we won’t be getting any weather like this!